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R2 Capital Referrals earn big.

Do you know of a property or a great business (or two) that we should know about? Introduce us and earn big when we close the deal. Join our network of 100+ referrers!


Getting started

Once you've identified a property or business opportunity, please send us an email with the opportunities you have in mind! Prior to you reaching out, we need to ensure we haven't already been in contact with the property owner, agent or business.

We'll work the deal

If it looks like a fit, we'll let you know so you can introduce us to the property owner, perspective agent, or company’s leadership. We will dive into a conversation with them and do what we do best.

Get paid

If we close, once signatures are on paper, we will be in touch, and your cheque will be in the mail. (Between $5,000 and $200,000!)(1)

(1) Referal Fee Breakdown

  • Real Estate Referrals are entitled to an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the property's value. 

  • Business Referrals are entitled to an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the upfront invested capital for successful Referred Opportunities of acquisition targets that turn into closed deals.

  • The minimum payment is five thousand Canadian dollars ($5,000 CDN). 

  • The maximum payment is two hundred thousand Canadian dollars ($200,000 CDN).

Acquisition Targets

  • R2 Capital is seeking wonderful businesses to add to our portfolio.

  • Referrers must introduce us directly to the owner, founder or key decision maker of the Referred Opportunity.

  • Referred Opportunity must be a property owner or company to whom we have not spoken before.

  • Referral Fees for closed deals will be paid within thirty (30) days of R2 Capital's successful close of the Referred Opportunities. The referee will be notified via email when the deal closes.

Acquisition Criteria

Commerical Properties

We are the top buyer of B & C Class Retail Centres in Canada and The U.S. 

• Nationwide
• Shopping Centers, Medical and Office Buildings, Shopping Malls
• Any size, up to $60MM purchase price
• Minimum 10% cap rate or higher
• Low price per square foot
• Value-add opportunity
• Tenant willing to accept rollover risk and credit risk
• Willing to buy rural or territory markets
• Willing to buy all cash, quick closing


U.S. Residential Properties

• STR Friendly markets.
• 3+ bedrooms.
• up to $500k in purchase price.
• Must exceed 1% rule as LTR.

• Willing to buy rural or territory markets.

• Willing to buy all cash, quick closing.


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