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Mentorship & Internship

As we continue to grow our team and network at R2 Capital, we are always searching for highly motivated, ethical, and reliable individuals to join our roster who are passionate about real estate, investment and personal growth. 

We are not believers in selling knowledge; instead, we partner on projects and put our money where our mouth is. Our motto is "We'd rather have a slice of a watermelon instead of a full grape to ourselves." We want to build authentic long-term relationships where incentives are aligned.



 We offer mentorship in the following two ways

1) Internship; education in exchange for your time. Those who work with us will learn directly from on-the-job training. They will experience the in's-and-outs of our various business models, learn the strategies, gain insight from our experienced team members, and connect with our multi-national network.

2) Partner through direct investment participation; many of our team members are also investors in our projects. This opportunity is for you to sit in the passenger seat as we source deals, arrange deal structuring, coordinate financing, stabilize assets and manage them efficiently over the long term. You will be CC'd in every email, sit in on each meeting or phone call, and actively participate through the entire process with our guidance. 

Below are the three ways you can engage in a partnership with R2 Capital; everyone has atleast one of the three pieces required to complete a deal, no matter your circumstances.

There are three pieces to every deal

The Capital,  The Time,  The Deal. 

As a capital partner, you will be participating in the project by providing the capital required to get the deal done.

The capital may be from personal funds, funds raised from your network (which we will teach you), or sponsoring the loan for the deal. 

The Capital

2 The Time


This is an active role where your contribution will be in the form of your time. Experience is obviously a bonus, but having a strong work ethic, the willingness to learn and perseverance will trump experience any day.  We will teach you the skills you need to oversee and manage the project on behalf of the team. 

Travel or temporarily relocating to live on site of a project may be required; a few examples are:

  • Oversee the rollout of a boutique hotel stabilization on the beach of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Project management of a large-scale redevelopment of an enclosed mall in central Canada.

  • Project management of an apartment building rehab in the Mid-West U.S.A.

  • Become an operator in one of our active businesses; facilitate the launch, such as hiring and setting up the grand opening of a retail store.

  • Conduct market research, learn a target industry front to back, competitors, supplies, margins, KYC, etc.

  • Oversee the transition in a merger or acquisition, collaborate with existing management or staff, integrate them into our systems, create a path for expansion and execute our value-add strategy.

  • Write the front-end code for software or an app we're working on or source developers for such a project.


3 The Deal

Sourcing the deal is a great way to get involved; instead of taking a finders fee or wholesaling the project, you may consider converting your fee to equity and tagging along as an owner in the deal.


Although, this route would provide the lowest amount of ownership as the work required is weighted the least.

The level of participation will vary depending on your experience, our track record of working together, the roles and responsibilities of each deal and various other factors that are to be determined. 

In addition to the project, you will participate in our weekly investment review meetings; everyone from our team and network is involved, and both active or passive partners join to evaluate potential deals, review existing projects and expand their skillsets, connections, and knowledge as we cover all topics of real estate, business and investment.

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.
Please choose one of the following options (or both)
After submission, your application will be reviewed by our executive team; we will be in contact with you in 48 hours. 
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