Internship & MENOTRSHIP

As we continue to grow our team for both R2 Capital Partners Inc. and Sure Home Stays LP, we are periodically searching for highly motivated, skilled, and reliable individuals to join our roster who also love real estate.

We are not firm believers in selling knowledge (courses, books); we would instead partner and "put our money where our mouth is". Thus we offer mentorship in two ways; 

1) Apprenticeship - education in exchange for your time. Those who work us for us will also learn from us, see the in's-and-outs of our entire business models, learn our strategies, gain insight from our various experienced team members, and connect with our multi-national network.

2) Partner through direct investment participation; Many of our team members are also investors in our projects. This opportunity is for you to sit in the "passenger seat" as we source deals, finance properties, stabilize properties, and manage efficiently for the long-term. You will be CC'd in every email, sit in on each meeting or phone call, and actively participate through the entire process with our guidance. We "put our money where our mouth" is by personally guaranteeing the loans and participating in the outcome proportionally. 

We hold weekly meetings called the Wednesday Workshop; this is where everyone involved in our team and or investors, both active or passive, join to expand the skillsets, connections, and knowledge as we cover every real estate-related topic. 

As positions become available, we will reach out to those who apply below. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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