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R2 Capital Partners is pleased to announce our latest partnership program, which allows business owners the opportunity to secure direct and joint ownership of their own property for their businesses.

R2 Capital brings its tenured experience and network to the table, offering a very low-cost option for businesses to become their own landlords (down payment and closing costs are not required).

The program initiates as a partnership in which the business owner and R2 will hold joint ownership of the property. R2 will fund the purchase and closing of the property, along with providing necessary loan guarantees. Additionally, the business owner will get first-hand experience in the acquisition and ongoing management of commercial real estate via the joint partnership with R2.

Once the building and business are stabilized, typically within 2-years, the business owner will have the option to buy out R2's ownership via refinancing at fair market value as determined by an independent, third-party appraisal. Thus, giving the business 100% ownership and control over the property through a low transaction-cost - share buyout.

We allow business owners to take more control of their businesses and their financial future.

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R2 Capital Partners is a private real estate equity investment firm offering investors diversified exposure to residential and commercial real estate and utilizing a vast network of partnerships, relationships, and industry-leading technology to capitalize on emerging secondary and tertiary markets across North America.


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